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Faded Star Footed Overall
Faded Star Footed Overall


Faded Star Footed Overall

$38.00 $62.00

COLOR: Earth brown

COMPOSITION: 100% cotton

DETAILS: Signature NUNUNU scent infused.

0-6 14-15" 14.5-15" 25"
6-12 15-16" 16-17" 27"
12-18 16-17" 17-18" 28-31"
18-24 17-18" 18-19" 32"


ABOUT THE BRAND: Founded by Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg, a long time fashion stylist and creative director who wanted to offer an alternative to the usual babywear cliches. Both founders are influenced by clean-minimalist design in all its aspects and their designs are without a doubt a reflection of this. Clothes are simple, yet complex and have a very basic DNA. All pieces go through a unique process that makes them look, feel and smell in a very NUNUNU kind of way.

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